Our Story

It all began when one of our children was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. Having never heard of the disease before we set out to ask questions and soon became aware of a local chapter of Crohn's and Colitis Canada. As we met others who had these diseases, or were family members of those that did, it became clear that the need for ongoing research was high. So we began to take part in fundraising activities.

Before long we were spearheading local fundraisers. It soon became clear that spreadsheets and other documents would not be enough to keep everyone in the loop. With backgrounds in software development and event planning, we began to put together a web based platform to help us organize events. First we allowed volunteers to enter auction items, created bidsheets, ran a slideshow, and summarized the outstanding balances of successful bidders. Before long we added online registration. Then we enhanced it to track bids on participants' smartphones and soon after added the online bidding piece.

As other local organizations began to use our platform for their fundraising needs we began to adapt the software to meet an expanding universe of fundraising ideas. We have since made it widely available. The platform continues to evolve. We use it ourselves to this day.